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Area-based Schemes

The Department of Agriculture, Environment & Rural Affairs offers several payments to farm businesses based on the land that they farm, or actions they take on their land. These payments are called ‘Area-based Schemes’ (ABS). ABS represent the largest payments made to farm businesses in Northern Ireland each year and play a key role in contributing to the Northern Ireland rural economy. ABS payments are made annually and must be claimed for by submitting a ‘Single Application’. Some ABS require an additional application to be submitted before they can be claimed for via the Single Application. You can find out more information on submitting a Single Application, and other applications, by clicking on the ‘How to Apply’ box below.

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Important Info

The GSAA 2024 has now closed and you can no longer submit applications or make amendments. The eMap is also off-line and will remain so until 13th June. An information message will be displayed on DOLS to make people aware of this.

DAERA Messaging

The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) are introducing a new Secure Messaging Service for some of our communications.

This new way of communicating is secure, convenient and environmentally friendly.

We will use the email address you have registered with DAERA, to notify you when you receive a new Secure Message. The message can be accessed through logging into your Government Gateway account or NI Direct Account (NIDA) when clicking on the link provided in the email. It is important to make sure we hold the most up to date e-mail information for you.

How To Videos

Our videos have not been updated this year so there may be slight variations in screens or references to previous years.

Helpline: 0300 200 7848

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