CAFRE tool developed for EFS Irish Moiled Cattle option

Date published: 23 November 2022

The College of Agriculture, Food and Rural Enterprise (CAFRE) have developed an online calculator to assist those applicants who claim for Irish Moiled Cattle in the Environmental Farming Scheme (EFS).

Dates of birth are entered into the CAFRE Irish Moiled Cattle tool to calculate the number of Livestock Units for an accurate EFS claim. (Photo courtesy of The Irish Moiled Cattle Society).

Nicola Warden, a Biodiversity Technologist at CAFRE explained that: “The calculator has been developed to assist EFS participants to make accurate claims due to the payment rate being based on Livestock Units rather than the total number of eligible female animals within the herd.”

Nicola commented: “The calculator will assist users to determine which stock category each individual animal falls within, depending on their age and the claim year. The calculator also features a built-in herd list which the user can download and save to their own device and use to claim in subsequent years of the scheme.

“The user will enter the herd information into the herd list template and a table will total the number of eligible female animals within each category. The results can then be used to make an accurate claim in Livestock Units for EFS.”

The calculator can be downloaded from the Environment Technical Support section of the CAFRE website.

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