Northern Ireland Environment Agency

The Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) is an Executive Agency within the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs.

Strategic objectives

The strategic objective of the Agency is to create prosperity and well being through effective environment and heritage management and regulation.

The Agency’s four key objectives are:

  1. Deliver effective compliance and implementation of legislation and international obligations
  2. Improve understanding and appreciation of our environment
  3. Support a sustainable economy
  4. To deliver reformed and effective planning

Business Plan

Organisation and structures

The Agency is headed by a Chief Executive and two Directors:

Role Person
Chief Executive David Small
Director of Resource Efficiency Division Tracey Teague
Director of Natural Environment Division Helen Anderson

NIEA Board

The Board, consisting of the NIEA Chief Executive and its two Directors alongside representatives of the Policy Divisions, meets on a monthly basis to ensure the Agency carries out its statutory functions and activities.

Members of the public may bring information to the attention of the Board regarding items on the Board agenda by contacting the Board Secretariat:

Customer Service

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