DAERA Farm Business and Other Supported Businesses / Organisations Innovation Survey Report

Date published: 07 November 2022

The DAERA Farm Businesses and other Supported Businesses/Organisations Innovation Survey Report provides the results of an online survey carried out on a sample of 5,200 businesses within DAERA’s remit to assess levels of business innovation. The results of the survey provide baseline information to inform the implementation of the DAERA Innovation Strategy 2021 – 2025.


A representative sample of farm, food and drinks, timber and aquaculture businesses and environmental organisations was invited to complete the online survey relating to innovation which had taken place within their businesses between 2019 and 2020. Survey results provided insight into a range of issues including major changes carried out in businesses, adoption of new technologies including Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Transformative Bioeconomy technologies, factors in deciding to innovate and barriers to innovation.

If you have any queries or would like to know more about the Innovation Survey contact Innovation@daera-ni.gov.uk

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