EU review and feedback period of ozone depleting substances ("ODS") policy and legislation

Date published: 21 July 2022

The European Union ("EU") has carried out a review of its laws on ODS, and is considering new provisions which may have an effect on NI stakeholders.

A draft set of proposed EU Regulations was compiled and a public feedback period closed on 23rd June 2022.

A new EU law on ODS may well be issued as a result of these proposed Regulations, and this would likely be directly applicable in NI.

A new NI law, detailing new provisions, with possible new offences and resulting penalties, would then be compiled for consideration in the NI Assembly.

The stakeholders which may be affected include:

  1. All businesses which use ODS, including:
    • as process agents,
    • for laboratory and analytical uses,
    • in fire extinguishers and fire equipment,
    • in military equipment,
    • in aircraft, airfields and airports,
    • in refrigeration,
    • in air-conditioning,
    • in heat pumps,
    • in metered dose inhalers,
    • in building/construction foams,
    • in refillable or non-refillable containers,
    • businesses which use the ODS trifluoromethane,
    • companies importing/exporting products/equipment containing ODS
  2. The enforcing authorities for NI ODS provisions, i.e.
  3. The certification, evaluation and attestation bodies for individuals using ODS.

The opportunity to submit comments has now elapsed, but further information on the proposals can be found on the web-page on the EU feedback period on proposed ODS Regulations.

Then, you can also sign up for future updates if you wish on the EU’s Have your Say page

A shorter summary of the new provisions of the proposed EU Regulation on ODS is available for your perusal on the attached document.

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