General guidance for applying for a waste management licence - Applying Online

Date published: 30 June 2021

Last updated: 10 January 2024

The department has introduced a new online service that allows you to

  • Apply for a new Waste Management, Mobile Plant and ATF Licence
  • Modify a Licence
  • Transfer a Licence
  • Surrender a Licence

You will need to register (or login) with a Government Gateway or NIDA account. More details can be found after you click on the Start button.

You can pay using a Debit or Credit Card or BACS.

An online mapping facility is also provided to enable you to draw the site boundary.

You will need to provide supporting documents. These include:-

  • Plan or map (if it cannot be drawn online or added as additional support)
  • Proof of occupancy / entitlement.
  • Financial Provision plan.
  • Working plan

You may also need to provide consents of the following:

  • Landowner / Landlord.
  • Occupant.
  • Company registration document.
  • Partnership.
  • Audited accounts of parent company.
  • Planning permission.
  • Environmental statement.
  • Water order discharge consent.
  • WAMITAB certificates.

For modifications

  • Only modifications to the conditions of your licence are allowed
  • A modification is not required if the existing conditions are not exceeded
  • Site information can not be modified. Please apply for new licence if you have any modifications to Site boundary

If you cannot apply online, please use General guidance for applying for a waste management licence - Old Application Forms.

Please use the Online Application or read the additional guidance below:

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