Local Action Group (LAG) Board operating rules

Date published: 05 April 2016

For the purpose of these operating rules the phrase ‘LAG’ will be taken to mean the LEADER Local Action Group Board and its responsibilities. This document forms part of the contract between DAERA and the LAG.


These operating rules apply to the LAG contracted with Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) to deliver Priority 6 LEADER Schemes of the Northern Ireland Rural Development Programme (NIRDP) 2014-20. A rural development budget has been allocated to each LAG to enable it to pursue the strategic objectives set out in its approved Local Rural Development Strategy (Strategy). While the LAG objectives have been defined and set by its local community, the implementation of the Strategy must be undertaken in accordance with the Implementation Plan agreed with DAERA in the legally binding contract.

The operating rules set out in this document specify the principle functions and responsibilities of the LAG and the roles and responsibilities of the key stakeholders with whom it will interact. This LEADER delivery model retains the role of the council Administration Unit that operated in the 2007-13 programme.

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