Marine Licence ML2020002 Repair Existing Slipways and Jetty at Strangford Lough Yacht Club

Date published: 28 November 2022

Last updated: 26 April 2024

The project consists of the partial demolition of one of two existing slipways and the construction of two new reinforced concrete slipway slabs above the existing structures. The foot print of both slipways will be extended towards the lough with both gradients of the slipways altered.


Reference: ML2020002
Project Type:  Construction
Location: Killinchy on the coast of Strangford Lough.
Coordinates: The 4 nr. points of the site boundary are:

  1. 54°28’.96N 5°38’.87W
  2. 54°28’.97N 5°38’.79W
  3. 54°28’.94N 5°38’.86W
  4. 54°28’.96N 5°38’.78W

Project Description: The proposed works include repair of two existing slipways and jetty at Strangford Lough Yacht Club. Both slipways are in poor condition with broken and friable concrete at the low water mark. Currently the footprint of Slipway 1 does not extend far enough to meet the requirements of the Yacht Club. Two new slipway slabs will be cast over the existing structures and will extend the footprint of Slipway 1 by 5m and Slipway 2 will be extended to meet this point.
Applicant: Strangford Lough Yacht Club
Status: Expired
Date Issued: 05/08/2021
Licence Start Date: 09/08/2021
Licence End Date: 08/08/2022

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