Marine Licence ML2021009 Carrickfergus harbour & marina

Date published: 02 September 2021

Last updated: 06 December 2022

The Mid and East Antrim Borough Council Carrickfergus Harbour and Marina maintenance dredging disposal.


Proposal Description

Reference: ML2021009
Project Type: Maintenance Dredge
Location: Carrickfergus harbour & marina
Carrickfergus Harbour; 341408 Easting, 387016 Northing
Carrickfergus Marina; 341082 Easting, 387075 Northing
Project Description: The works will likely be completed by a backhoe dredger with disposal by a conventional dump barge with bottom opening doors. Backhoe dredging involves dredging by mechanical means from a stationary platform and loading to attendant barges. In Carrickfergus Marina, we propose that individual fairways should be allocated to the dredging contractor on a sequential basis and that each fairway should be cleared of vessels, have fingers removed and be prepared at least a few days ahead of the staged arrival of the dredger. In this way there should be dredging work ongoing in one fairway with final boat removal occurring concurrently in the next fairway. Once each fairway has dredging completed, we envisage that boats from further fairways may be stacked temporarily into those areas already completed.
Applicant: Mid and East Antrim Borough Council
Status: Expired
Date Issued: 30/09/2021
Licence Start Date: 01/10/2021
Licence End Date: 30/09/2022

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