Marine Licence ML2022016 Curran Strand, Portrush

Date published: 13 December 2022

Last updated: 09 February 2024

Summary: Sea Defence Construction


Reference: ML2022016
Project Type: Sea Defence
Location: Coordinates:
Curran Strand, Portrush –
-55 deg 12 min 27.017797 sec
-6 deg 37 min 8.130485 sec
Project Description: Coastal defence extension work at Curran Strand
Applicant: Royal Portrush Golf Club
Status: Applied: 10/11/2022

Construction Phase

Licence Start Date: 29/01/2024 
Licence End Date: 31/12/2024

Operational and Monitoring Phase

This phase of the licence will apply to the lifetime of the structure and will be agreed in an Environmental Monitoring Plan as required by condition 9 of this licence. Conditions 17 and 18 below will apply to determining the lifetime of the structure.

This licence was subject to and Environmental Consent Decision prior to issue. The summary and relevant documents can be viewed on the Notice of Environmental Consent Decision page.

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