Review of LEADER report

Date published: 31 August 2013

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development commissioned RSM McClure Watters in association with The Rural Development Company to undertake a Review of the LEADER Methodology in Northern Ireland. This report (and accompanying Appendices) presents a summary of key findings against the Terms of Reference drawing on an extensive programme of primary and secondary research.

The objectives of the review were:

  • to examine and compare the long term economic and social impact of the LEADER approach since 1994 in Northern Ireland (with a particular focus on the 2000 – 2006 and 2007 – 2013 programmes)
  • to examine the value for money of the LEADER approach in NI in comparison to other rural development interventions (i.e. Local Strategic Partnerships, top down approaches, other collective bodies, private sector delivery agents)
  • to identify best practice from other European regions, in particular England, Wales, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland
  • to identify lessons learnt from the 1994 – 1999, 2000-2006 and 2007-2013 models and make recommendations to DARD on possible models for using a LEADER approach in the new rural development programme (with associated costs)

This report (and accompanying Appendices) details key findings drawing on an extensive programme of primary and secondary research.

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