Synopsis of consultation responses - draft Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2018

Date published: 30 October 2018

This document is a synopsis of the responses received from stakeholders by DAERA (NI) to its consultation document on draft legislation for Northern Ireland on fluorinated greenhouse gases ("F-gases").

F-gases have a very high Greenhouse Warming Potential (“GWP”), much higher than carbon dioxide, and contribute to rising global temperatures.

EU legislation therefore requires that the use of F-gases is restricted and monitored. Laws on F-gases have therefore been compiled for Northern Ireland.

F-gases are used in several sectors of industry in Northern Ireland, including:

  • refrigeration (both stationary and mobile)
  • air conditioning (both stationary and mobile)
  • fire equipment
  • aerosols
  • heat pumps
  • high-voltage switchgear

Legislation on F-gases introduces legal requirements for people in Northern Ireland working with F-gases in these areas of business.

The synopsis of consultation responses shows the views of Northern Ireland stakeholders on these draft legislative proposals.

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