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The purpose of the Northern Ireland Regional Landscape Character Assessment (NIRLCA) is to provide an evidence base which can be used equally by planners, developers and the public.

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To view the NI Regional Landscape Character Assessment - National Grid click here.

In recognising the importance of sustaining regional identity, the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA), commissioned the Northern Ireland Regional Landscape Character Assessment from environmental consultants, which resulted in the identification of distinct regional character areas within Northern Ireland.

The assessment provides a strategic overview of the landscape and subdivides the countryside into 26 Regional Landscape Character Areas (LCAs) based upon information on people and place and the combinations of nature, culture and perception which make each part of Northern Ireland unique.

This evidence base can be used to enable informed decisions to be made about the future protection, management and sustainable development of Northern Ireland’s landscapes and can be complemented by more detailed local studies.

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