SHA Online - Apply for a Support Health Attestation

You can apply for a Support Health Attestation by following one of the two links below.

In order to begin your application on SHA Online you will need to have completed the relevant DAERA SHA /SA Template and have any supporting documents ready for upload. If there is insufficient space on the SHA template to record full product details you need to complete a schedule and submit this with your application. The SHA Templates, Supplementary Schedule and instructions for completion are available using the links below.

Guidance on using the tool for both Exporters and also Authorised Official Veterinarians and Local Authority Environmental Health Officers is available at the link below:

If you need digital help to complete an application for a Support Health Attestation (SHA) please contact your regional DAERA Direct Office for assistance.

Please note, Support Health Attestations (SHAs) for Meat Products will be delivered by DAERA Vets in the premises in which they currently have a permanent physical presence. These premises are listed below.

List of Premises from which DAERA will deliver Support Health Attestations

Support Health Attestation (SHAs) for Animal By-Products, Dairy Products, Hides/Skins and Meat Products which do not originate from these premises, will be delivered by Authorised official Veterinarians (previously referred to as AVIs).

It is anticipated Support Health Attestations (SHAs) for Fish/Fishery Products/ Live Bi-valve Molluscs for human consumption will be delivered by Environmental Health Officers in Local Authorities.

Before submitting an application, all exporters must have made the necessary arrangements with the certifying officer practice or local authority directly.

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