Signing in to DAERA Services

Most DAERA services will require you to sign in using either an nidirect account (NIDA) or a Government Gateway account. Depending on the service, one or both these options may be available to you.

If you have previously registered for a NIDA or Government Gateway account, you will be able to sign in using an existing account. (For some services - for instance, APHIS - this will need to be linked to your DAERA registration for authorisation purposes.)

If you do not have either a NIDA or Government Gateway account, you will be given the option to register for one when first visiting the service.

Help with your nidirect account (NIDA)

You can create an nidirect account to access a number of government applications online. Your account is unique to you and is trusted by services you need to use.

Help with your Government Gateway account

Government Gateway is a central place where you can register to use  a number of online government services. To get a Government Gateway account you have to verify your identity. You can use the User ID and password you receive as part of the sign-up process to the service you wish to use.

  • For advice on logging in via Government Gateway contact: 0300 200 7848

advice for farm businesses and agents

Existing farm businesses

New and existing farmers can use an nidirect account (NIDA) or Government Gateway account to access DAERA Online Services. You will also be required to verify your identity and register as a DAERA Customer if you have not already done so.


New and existing agents should use a Government Gateway account to access DAERA Online Services on behalf of your clients.

Further information

Please note, DAERA may not be able to address NIDA or Government Gateway issues - you should use the contact details shown above to contact these authentication providers directly.

When you access a DAERA service from, you will be shown specific information you may need before you start and also additional details, such as who to telephone or contact for assistance.

You can also contact your local DAERA Direct office:
By email at one of the DAERA Direct Regional offices or
By telephone on 0300 200 7840

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