Business and systems section provides guidance on legal and financial matters affecting farmers (for example, succession planning for farmers).

Employment law fundamentals

Staff resource management is becoming a bigger issue as horticulture and agricultural businesses grow from single family unit to multiple family and employee dependent operations. It is important that all employees and family members know the business priorities and the reasons for decisions.

For many developing businesses today, the most important decisions made are those relating to staff recruitment and management.  Furthermore, a key part of the staff management process is understanding your rights as an employer under current employment law.

Employment law is one of the most rapidly changing areas of law, and it can be a challenge to remain completely up-to-date with all the latest regulations.

Employment law fundamentals explained

Succession planning for farmers

Succession planning highlights the benefits of making a Will in avoiding unnecessary disputes and delays, and also offers advice on other issues which may be affected by the making of or updating of a Will.

Bank of England interest rates

The Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England meets monthly to decide on UK interest rates.


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