In recent years, water has become a very expensive commodity, especially with the start of sewage charges in 2009. Sewage charges are based on your water usage and the assumption that 'what goes in as water, 95 per cent returns to the sewer'.

Water charges

Water and sewage are now charged per M3 at the following rates:

  • Water £1.078/m3
  • Sewage £1.733/m3

Data loggers

We installed two Data loggers at Greenmount Campus and one each at Loughry Campus and Enniskillen Campus on the meters at the entrance to the sites. These loggers log the water usage every 30 minutes and can be accessed through the Utilities Data Services website.

Greenmount Campus

Greenmount Campus has continued to show minimal/no water leakage. Usage has gone from from 100,000 m3 in 2004/5 to 20,767m3 in 2012/13. The main campus pipes are at present sound, with the data logger showing a minimum night flow of 0.01ls. Greenmount’s overall water usage (including farm fields) of 20,767m3 had an overall cost of £24,021 and sewage charge of £2,041, (cost after 'non-return to sewers' discount).

The graph below shows the general trend over the past eight years; (data from NIW bills).


If Greenmount had continued at the same rate of usage of 2004-2005, then the current bill would have been approximately £280,000.

Enniskillen Campus / Necarne Castle

Enniskillen Campus / Necarne Castle have reduced the water usage in recent years.

The graph below shows the general trend over the years; (data from NIW bills). The 2009/10 bills were all estimated, though we have now insisted that all bills are actual readings. Enniskillen has no sewerage charge, as it has its own treatment plant.

The Enniskillen Campus Data logger has been giving readings since May 2011. The usual readings show a minimum flow of 0.03ls.

The graph below shows the general trend over the years; (data from NIW bills).


Enniskillen’s overall water usage of 2,516m3 had a cost of £4,427.

Loughry Campus

Loughry campus has one meter for all the water to the site including the FBIC. Water usage had initially started to reduce in 2009/10, after an initial increase in 2008/9; figures for 2010/11 again showed a sharp increase. 2012/13 again showed an increase in usage. The most up to date figures of 2012-2013 also show an increase, though this does not show the full picture of work undertaken over the years, with a reduction in leakage from 1.8ls to 0.09ls.


(No sewage/effluent charges have been charged to date).

The graph below shows the general trend over the years; (data from NIW bills).


Loughry’s overall water usage of 23,891m3 had a cost of £26,261.


Work is under way to reconnect the FBIC to its original Tullywiggan supply, which has now been upgraded. This will allow us to turn off the water to the main campus, for step tests and repair works as required.

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