Information and guidance in relation to the Environmental Farming Scheme (EFS) online application for the Wider scheme.

Stock-Proof Fence, and much more, still available through EFS

The Environmental Farming Scheme (EFS) is a voluntary agri-environment scheme that supports farmers and land managers to carry out environmentally beneficial farming practices on agricultural land. 

You can choose up to four options from the eighteen General Wider Options. You may also choose any, or all, of the three Stand Alone Options. These tables give a flavour of what is available:-

EFS General Option (Wider Level) Tranche 4 Payment Rate
Year 1 Years 2-5
Creation of riparian buffers

(Fenced strip along watercourse)
2 m width

(From bank)
Ungrazed £6.07 / m £0.07 / m
Planted with native trees £6.31 / m £0.07 / m
10 m width

(From bank)
Ungrazed £7.63 / m £0.36 / m
Planted with native trees £8.13 / m £0.36 / m
Hedge laying including two protective fences £16.04 / m £0.00 / m
Traditional dry stone wall rebuilding Single skin £13.02 / m £0.00 / m
Double skin £22.95 / m £0.00 / m
Creation of pollinator margins 10 m width Pollen and nectar £465.00/ha £465.00/ha
Annual wildflower £2,530.00/ha £2,530.00/ha
Creation of arable margins 6 m width Rough grass £841.50/ha £707.00/ha
Cultivated uncropped £702.00/ha £702.00/ha
Provision of winter feed crop for wild birds £ 590.00/ha £ 590.00/ha
Retention of winter stubble £85.00/ha £85.00/ha
Creation of traditional orchard £3,832.68/ha £110.00/ha
Establishment of agro-forestry £1,637.00/ha £65.00/ha
Natural regeneration of native woodland £360.00/ha £360.00/ha
Planting native tree corridors £2146.90/ha £465.00/ha
Planting new hedgerows inc. two protective fences £15.83 / m £0.00 / m
EFS Stand Alone Options (Wider level) Payment rate (per year)
Traditional native breeds (Irish moiled Cattle) £95.00 / Livestock Unit
Establishment of native woodland less than 5 ha £2625.00/ha  Year 1
£516.00/ha  Years 2-5
Organic conversion

(Progressing to Organic management)
(For 2 years)
0 ha - 60.0 ha £149.00/ha
Over 60 ha £45.00/ha
(For 2 years)
0 ha - 60.0 ha £144.00/ha
Over 60 ha £45.00/ha
Horticulture or Horticulture Top fruit
(For 3 years)
0 ha - 60.0 ha £358.00/ha
0 ha - 60.0 ha £149.00/ha
Organic management

(For applicable scheme years following conversion)
Arable / Grassland 0 ha - 60.0 ha £53.00
Over 60 ha £20.00
Horticulture or Horticulture 0 ha - 60.0 ha £197.00
Over 60 ha £53.00

There are also a range of additional capital items known as Non-Productive Investments (NPIs) that can be added to some of the above Options.  These are undertaken in the first year of the Scheme only.

EFS Wider Level Non-Productive Investments
(Additional Capital Items)
Payment rate
Stock-proof fencing £6/m
Permanent electric fencing (including energiser) £5/m
Gate and 2 gate posts -  stock-proof fence £190.44/gate + 2 posts
Drinking Trough £41.00 each
Drinking Trough Base £30.54 each
Water trough pipe work £3.91/m
Pasture Pump and associated pipe work £285/pump
Parkland/Fruit/ Standard native tree guard £143.40/guard
Parkland/Fruit / Standard native tree stake £4.50/ stake

How to apply for EFS Wider Level

You should note that some options displayed in this video are not available in Tranche 4 Wider applications and that DTP payment rates have changed

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