Farm Family Options - business mentoring

Agricultural business mentoring was an opportunity for farm families to discuss their farm business needs and circumstances openly, and in confidence, with an experienced mentor who, through their skills and experience, was in a position to be of positive help.

This scheme is closed and not accepting applications

Agricultural business mentoring

Farm families could avail of up to three free sessions with a mentor in their own home. The mentor was able to discuss the aspects of the farm business that were of particular concern, and support the farm family in identifying options that met the needs of the farm business and the family. Together a plan of action was agreed to help the farm family move forward. This programme encouraged you to take a positive but realistic look at your options.

Discussions might include: 

  • farm and off-farm income
  • farm systems/practices and related investments
  • succession/retirement planning
  • wills and inheritance issues
  • improving skills levels
  • off-farm employment or diversification

A key element of the programme was identification of key organisations and individuals who may be able to provide further support, advice or funding to the farm family.

Up to £250 per farm business was available towards the cost of professional, legal and financial advice in relation to succession planning.

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