Farm Family Options - collective training

Farm Family Options offered ICT training in various locations throughout Northern Ireland to farmers and farm family members. Training provided was at a basic introductory level suitable for those with little or no previous computing experience.

Farm Family Options scheme is closed and not accepting applications.

ICT for the farm family (delivered with FIT NI)

Participation on the course was free. Two courses were delivered.

Computer and internet training

A basic introductory level course suitable for those with little or no previous computing experience on setting up emails, going online and accessing online DARD services.  During the duration of this programme 1,632 farm family members completed the course.

Managing farm records training

A basic introduction to spreadsheets, VAT returns, managing files, creating folders and online banking.  During the duration of this programme 853 farm family members completed the course.

BVD eradication information and awareness (delivered with AHWNI)

BVD awareness sessions aimed to help farmers be aware of the steps they can take to tackle BVD and the economic advantages of doing so. Sessions also covered the importance of on-farm biosecurity in protecting animal health more generally.

The programme was rolled out at a local level by a number of veterinary practices for their livestock farmer clients.  

The BVD Awareness sessions are no longer available

FarmSafe Awareness (delivered with the Farm Safety Partnership and Ai Services)

FarmSafe Awareness offered practical demonstrations covering the everyday hazards faced by farmers and farming families. Topics included: working at height; slurry risks; handling livestock; and working with machinery. The 2.5 hour session included a farm walk.

FarmSafe Awareness was open to farmers and farm families aged 17 and over. Attendance was free of charge and events were run throughout Northern Ireland within established Focus Farms and in community venues.

FarmSafe Awareness scheme is now closed and not accepting applications, however, an on-line farm safety learning tool, FarmSafeNet is available.


FarmSafeNet is the online learning tool designed to raise awareness about farm safety among farmers and members of the farm family.  

To access FarmSafeNet simply go to and read the resources available, then complete the quiz.  On completion of the quiz you will receive a certificate containing a unique reference number which you will be advised to retain for future reference.  

You will be able to use this as evidence to support your commitment to farm safety when accessing future DARD services or schemes.

Farm safety awareness multi-media campaign

A thought-provoking multi-media advertising campaign designed to dramatically ramp up awareness of farm safety from the Farm Safety Partnership. 

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