EU agricultural and forestry processing and marketing grant scheme 2007-2013

The EU Agricultural and Forestry Processing and Marketing Grant (PMG) Scheme is a valuable source of support to the agri-food processing sector and the wider economy of Northern Ireland. Under the Rural Development Programme (RDP) 2007-2013, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) provides financial assistance for enterprises seeking funding towards capital investment projects.

Who can apply?

This scheme is closed and not accepting applications

Micro, small, medium and intermediate sized enterprises with fewer than 750 employees in the agricultural and horticultural sectors who are involved in processing and marketing - this includes processors, groups of producers who market their produce collaboratively and individual producers who want to process and market their own produce.

For forestry sector applications financial support is limited to micro size enterprises processing a primary forest product or crop where the output is a renewable energy fuel. Projects involving the production of fishery products are ineligible for support under the PMG Scheme.

What funding is available?

Financial support is available towards eligible capital costs such as the purchase of equipment.  The funding available and the rate of grant are determined by budget availablilty and the operating rules of the PMG Scheme.

How can I apply?

The PMG Scheme is currently closed for applications. There will be no further calls for applications under the RDP 2007-2013.

The scheme brochure explains in more detail the conditions of the scheme and the assessment and selection processes. Certain exclusions apply and these are listed at Annex B and C of the brochure. For example, projects relating to farm animal feed production.

Further information can be obtained by calling Rural Development Division on 028 9052 4219 or 028 9052 4871. Alternatively, you can contact Rural Development Division by emailing

Examples of projects supported

Since 2008 the PMG Scheme has approved funding of around £23.5m to 129 businesses in Northern Ireland. Some examples of projects which have been successful include:

  • Hannan Meats required investment to improve production efficiency and product diversity - this required an extension to the existing premises (including construction of an innovative salt wall chamber) and investment in meat processing equipment
  • Fernhill Nurseries required financial assistance to purchase an automated potting line to increase production capability and improve competitiveness

Funding going forward

The draft 2014-2020 Rural Development Programme was submitted to the EU Commission in October 2014 for approval. It includes a proposed Agri-food Processing Investment Scheme (AfPIS) (replacement of the EU Processing & Marketing Grant Scheme - PMG ) aimed at improving the economic competitiveness of the agri-food sector through capital investment.




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