Potato technology projects

The following are current technology projects

Chip initiative

For many years Maris Piper potatoes grown in England have set the standard expected by fryers from a chipping potato, but this is something the Chip Initiative aims to change. The aim of the Chip Initiative is to increase the availability and acceptability of high quality fresh chips produced and processed from locally grown potato varieties on a year round basis to satisfy local consumer’s demands.

Seed Potato Projects

The Seed Potato Hygiene Initiative aims to improve the visual standards and marketability of Northern Ireland certified seed potatoes. Growers and seed potato store keepers must be capable of recognising key skin blemishing diseases and adopting best practice to eliminate sources of tuber disease contamination in their seed potato stores.

Thinking of chitting seed potatoes

Late harvests, low dry matter, poor fry colour and skin quality are serious issues facing potato growers in Northern Ireland.

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