Risks from pests, diseases and undesirable species sub-group

To achieve Outcome 2 the Risks from Pests, Diseases and Undesirable Species Sub-group will identify and agree priorites for the Implementation Group approval. Therefore it will agree a work programme with priorities areas identified for approval by the Implementation Group implementing and reporting progress periodically to the Implementation Group.

Terms of reference

The Sub-group will:

  • continue to raise awareness among beekeepers of notifiable pests and exotic pests
  • develop a risk based assessment of disease entry risk and focus inspection activity on these areas
  • strengthen the enforcement of existing regulations on disease control and the importation of queens and honey bees
  • monitor and investigate the causes of serious colony loss where initial screening indicates a significant need exists
  • contribute to the development and spread of sound bee husbandry guidelines and standards of bee husbandry
  • strengthen and improve the education of beekeepers and husbandry standards by co-ordination of training programmes and industry awareness initiatives
  • encourage the breeding of local strains of bees to improve health and minimise the risk of disease import


Name Organisation
Tom Williamson DARD (Plant Health Inspection Branch
- Forest Service)
Sam Clawson AFBI
John Hill UBKA
Noel McAllister UBKA
Robert Ditty INIB
Michael Young MBE INIB


  • to investigate the possibility and the advantages of Northern Ireland linking into BeeBase
  • the possibility of having a ‘bee disease officer’ in every association who could collect and forward samples to AFBI
  • queen importation

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