Following the publication of the Strategy for the Sustainability of the Honey Bee in February 2011, this Implementation Group has been set up to achieve the recommendations and proposed actions of the strategy.

Terms of reference

The Implementation Group will ensure the delivery of the stated aim of the strategy, namely to achieve a sustainable and healthy population of honey bees for pollination and honey production in the north of Ireland through strengthened partnership working between Government and stakeholders.
The Implementation Group will:

  • oversee the implementation of the strategy through the relevant sub groups.
  • set up sub groups to develop a work programme including priority and timescale to address the main four outcomes:
    • effective communications and relationships operating at all levels;
    • effective surveillance and monitoring to minimise risks from pests, diseases and undesirable species;
    • competency development in good standards of beekeeping and husbandry to minimise pests and disease risks and contribute to sustaining honey bee populations; and
    • sound science and evidence base to underpin bee health policy and its implementation.
  • agree a work programme produced by sub groups.
  • review progress of sub groups periodically.
  • report progress biannually to Grade 7, Farm Policy Branch.

Membership of the group

Name Organisation
Andrew Adams DARD (Farm Policy Branch)
Jonathan Wightman DARD (Farm Policy Branch)
Jim Crummie DARD (Plant Health Inspection Branch
- Forest Service)
Tom Williamson DARD (Plant Health Inspection Branch
- Forest Service)
Kenny White CAFRE (Rural Training and Development
Archie Murchie AFBI
Sam Clawson AFBI
Tom Canning INIB
Lyndon Wortley INIB
Mervyn Eddie UBKA
John Hill UBKA
Susie Hill UBKA
David Wright UBKA

Minutes of meetings

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