To achieve Outcome 4 the Risks from Pests, Diseases and Undesirable Species Sub-group will identify and agree priorities for the Implementation Group approval. Therefore it will agree a work programme with priorities areas identified for approval by the Implementation Group implementing and reporting progress periodically to the Implementation Group.

Terms of reference

The Sub-group identifies as its customers:

  • Northern Ireland beekeepers;
  • the Implementation Group;
  • DARD (including its various agencies);
  • the public – particularly those interested in the environment; and
  • research establishments (in addition to DARD & its agencies)

Its overall objective is to ensure a sound science and evidence base to underpin bee health policy and its implementation.

Within this overall objective, the Sub-group proposes that its aims should be to:

  • ensure that the concerns of the Northern Ireland beekeeping sector are represented when determining research priorities
  • define research priorities for Northern Ireland
  • disseminate global research findings
  • ensure access to information (to a core of people who can understand the findings)
  • encourage beekeepers to facilitate research
  • maximise the health of bees and to promote their effective interaction with the environment and vice versa
  • align with DARD’s Evidence and Innovation Strategy


Name Organisation
Archie Murchie AFBI
Mervyn Eddie UBKA
Willaim Blakely UBKA
Clifford Barnes INIB
Julian Henderson INIB



  • Varroa
  • Nosema
  • Viruses
  • Pollination
  • Bee Genetics
  • Health of Northern Ireland Bees

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