Salmon and Inland Fisheries Forum

The role of the Salmon and Inland Fisheries Forum (SIFF) including information on it's background, responsibilities and how to contact the SIFF with queries.


Following the Review of Public Administration, the Fisheries Conservancy Board (FCB) was abolished on the 1st June 2009 and its functions and staff have transferred to the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA).  These functions include the enforcement of the conservation and protection provisions of the 1966 Fisheries Act, including Byelaws and Regulations, within the jurisdiction of the former FCB area; assisting with the investigation of pollution incidents which involve fish kills in conjunction with EHS; the design and agreement of re-stocking/reinstatement programmes following such incidents; and the issuing of fishing licences.

The FCB was the recognised representative forum for stakeholders with an interest in the salmon and inland fisheries of Northern Ireland (except in the Loughs Agency area). The new advisory Salmon and Inland Fisheries Forum (SIFF) was created to represent these stakeholders, and had its inaugural meeting on 10th December 2009.

Role of the SIFF

The SIFF meets on a quarterly basis and a summary of its role is as follows:

  1. to advise on the Department's salmon and inland fisheries functions and appraise departmental policies in this area
  2. to report back to their representative interest groups (where appropriate) on relevant issues discussed at Forum meetings
  3. to provide advice to the Department on any issues in relation to its strategic objectives regarding salmon and inland fisheries
  4. to participate in relevant sub-committees as and when required
  5. members may also be asked to serve as Chair or Deputy Chair of the Forum as this position will be filled on a rotational basis from the membership of the Forum

Minutes of the SIFF


If you have any Salmon and Inland Fisheries Forum enquiries please email

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