Sport Northern Ireland (NI) is the leading public body for the development of sport in Northern Ireland including angling.

They lead in the development and funding of sport at all levels in NI.

Sport NI Strategic Objectives are:

Sporting Communities: To increase and support the number of people adopting and sustaining a sporting lifestyle.

Sporting Clubs: To enable more people to reach their sporting goals through a structured environment.

Sporting Winners: To help more NI athletes to win at the highest level. Sport NI is committed to providing people in NI with world class sporting experiences.

Sport NI works in partnership with Inland Fisheries, Loughs Agency, Tourism NI and key angling stakeholders through the NI Angling Forum, taking forward the recommendations of the Strategic Review of Angling in Northern Ireland (NI) 2013, and the update of the review 2016.

Final copies can be viewed here.

For more information about Sport NI, please visit their website.

Please view Sport NI Corporate Plan 2021-26 here.

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