Finance and Strategy

The Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Development provides a range of corporate information, strategies and financial accounts. These documents can be found and downloaded under the following headings:

DAERA Strategies

DAERA Business Plans

DAERA Estate Plan

Financial Accounts

DAERA Counter Fraud

The public is entitled to expect the Department to conduct its affairs with integrity, honesty and openness, and to demand the highest standards of conduct from those working for it. The Department has a duty to safeguard the public funds it administers, by ensuring appropriate arrangements are in place to prevent, detect and tackle fraud. This gives our customers, both members of the farming and the wider rural community, confidence that our systems are robust and that fraudsters will be dealt with quickly and effectively.

We are committed to making sure that the opportunity for fraud in all areas is reduced to the lowest possible risk.  Our strategic approach to combating fraud provides the framework for the management of fraud risk across the Department, the Executive Agencies and DAERA sponsored NDPBs. This strategic approach demonstrates our continued commitment to safeguard public resources that are required to promote the economic growth and the development of the countryside in Northern Ireland.

Register of gifts and hospitality for DAERA senior staff

Under DAERA’s Publication scheme, Gifts and Hospitality Registers are published annually on this page, in respect of Gifts and Hospitality offered to DAERA’s Senior Management Team.

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