Northern Ireland Food Animal Information System

Northern Ireland Food Animal Information System (NIFAIS)

NIFAIS, the Northern Ireland Food Animal Information System, will be a new flexible and innovative IT system that supports efficient and effective delivery of current and future food animal information services. NIFAIS will replace the current legacy, Animal and Public Health Information System (APHIS).
NIFAIS will continue to underpin the core work in DAERA’s Veterinary Service Animal Health Group and supports Northern Ireland’s agri-food industry.

An overview of NIFAIS

This video will explain the why, what and how of NIFAIS.


The development and delivery of NIFAIS will be staged initially for bovines and then other species.

  • Stage 1 was successfully delivered on 4th September 2023
    This will include Keeper Registration & Tag Suppliers (already live), Bovine Disease Tracing, Import and Export, Valuations, AFIB Milk functionality, IRM, Cattle Identity Inspections, Residues, VPHP & Farm Quality Assurance.
  • Stage 2 will go live in 2025
    Stage 2 covers other species and includes IRM, Tracing, Disease Control, VPHP, Welfare and Enforcement, Sample Plans, Residues, AFIB and Cross Compliance.


Stakeholder News


Stage 1

Functionality for all work areas in Stage 1 continues to be developed and tested. Successful delivery to date includes links to master data management and functionality for Keeper registration & bovine tag ordering.

Some of the additional benefits will include:-

  • the integration with GIS, which will allow better management of disease information;
  • compatibility with mobile working, smartphones and laptops’
  • the sending and retrieving of documents from Content Manager; and
  • internal users will not need a separate password, as user access will be controlled by specific permissions allocated by the NIFAIS Support Unit.

Staff Training

There will be a hybrid approach to training for both NIFAIS internal and external end users. This will include, navigation videos followed by train the trainer training for internal superusers. Classroom style training, will be delivered to all end users in the lead up to NIFAIS go-live. Staff Training

Requests for information

Please forward any comments or suggestions on what other NIFAIS news you want to learn about to

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