NIFAIS Online advice and guidance for registering births and deaths, movements and what to do if you have any issues with your account name and address details.

Registration of births/deaths


When creating a movement document, you need to enter the herd number which animals are moving to, along with the first half of the postcode of buyer – e.g. BT34 or BT8. NIFAIS will validate this data to ensure it matches before displaying the name of the buyer.

Name and address details

All names and addresses now come from a central source so if there are issues with these, please contact your local DAERA office and have your full address available including number, road name and postcode.

The herds and flocks you are able to access online may be reduced. If you require access to a herd or flock that is not listed on NIFAIS you will need the keeper to grant permission by contacting their local DAERA Office.


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