NIEA extends the online submission of manure export forms to 1 March 2018

Date published: 18 January 2018

NIEA has introduced a new system for the online submission of records for manure export forms from January 2018. The new system will make it easier and quicker for farmers, or their agents, to submit records while at the same time reducing the risk of errors and hence potential penalties being applied to the Basic Payments.


This online submission of manure export records for non-derogated farms sits alongside the CAFRE Nutrient Management Calculators which farmers are already familiar with and use to calculate their nitrogen loading and storage capacity. The online process for completion and submission of manure export records can be found on the DAERA website. This will take you to the Government Gateway site where you log in and navigate to the CAFRE Nutrient Management Calculators.

Under the new process farmers or their advisers should prepare their manure export records for 2017 and submit these online by midnight 1 March. Please note that this date has been extended from 31 January 2018 until midnight 1 March 2018 for this year only.

Important Action that you need to take NOW

In order to submit your manure export form by 1 March 2018, you (or your agent) will need to register and obtain access to the Government Gateway.  Agent authorisation forms are available on the DAERA website OR from your local DAERA Direct Offices. It is important that you act NOW to obtain this as it will take time for this to be processed. 

DAERA’s experience has shown that the submission of records on-line will mean that the process is easier for farmers and their agents and that the number of errors and potential breaches is vastly reduced. However, if farmers have any concerns they should seek further advice from CAFRE, their farming organisation or agricultural consultant if they have any issues around the online submission of information.




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