Packaging success at Diamond Corrugated

Date published: 30 August 2016

Will Colvin and Linda Elder are both Employees at Diamond Corrugated who recently attended the Loughry Campus awards day ceremony to receive their Packaging Awards. Both Linda and Will attended the campus on a part-time basis on day release from the workplace.

Pictured are Will Colvin and Linda Elder at the Loughry Campus Awards Ceremony.

Diamond Corrugated is a leading independent box plant, which currently produces over 50 million corrugated cases per year. The company supply a wide variety of case styles, with shelf-ready packs having become more popular with their customers over the past few years.

Will, the company designer at Diamond, successfully completed the Packaging Diploma and said: “The Packaging Diploma is of a very high value to me. As a designer at Diamond Corrugated it is essential that I have knowledge of products and processes within packaging. While seeking design solutions for packaging, it is essential that I have an understanding of the product being packed. The study of different materials and different manufacturing processes, which were unfamiliar to me, is very beneficial. The Diploma has allowed me the time and the resources to study this in depth. The knowledge I gained from the course, the factory visits and the time spent on my dissertation will benefit me for years to come.”

Linda, who is a new employee to the company’s technical department, also successfully completed the Packaging Certificate. She said: “I completed the Certificate in Packaging Materials while on a Degree Placement at Diamond Corrugated. I found the course to be a useful and informative tool which taught me the key principles of packaging. I thoroughly enjoyed visiting other factories and gaining an insight into the techniques and processing methods used to manufacture different types of packaging. As a recent graduate I believe the course is of benefit to anyone wishing to gain entry into the packaging industry and the classes provide excellent networking opportunities. The level of support available from both lecturers and other students is quite exceptional and I found it extremely encouraging that students from different backgrounds within the packaging industry were able to share their knowledge and expertise. I was delighted to have been awarded the Best Student Award for the Certificate in Packaging Materials and, now that I have secured full time employment with Diamond Corrugated, I am looking forward to completing the rest of the Diploma to further build upon my knowledge.”

Paul Diamond, Managing Director of Diamond, commented: “It is very important for the future development of the packaging industry in general that companies such as Diamond Corrugated support and nurtures the talent and quality of students such as Linda and Will. The Packaging Diploma and Certificate has been an excellent tool in enhancing Will and Linda’s overall knowledge of the wider packaging sector. We are very grateful to Loughry and appreciate the important role it plays in encouraging industry to strive to be the best. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Loughry into the future as we continue to grow and invest in our business employing the highest quality of people available.”

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