Ballybannan ASSI

Protected area type: Areas of Special Scientific Interest
Feature type: 
  • Habitat
  • Down
Council: Newry, Mourne and Down
Guidance and literature: Ballybannan ASSI

The site forms part of shallow basin in intensive farmland, bisected by a road, with some rocky outcrops.  To the west of this road is a small area of fen adjoining an improved pasture field, consisting of two small stands of a dry fen vegetation dominated by soft rush and sharp flowered rush, which are separated by an old field boundary and a drain. 

To the east of the road, is an area which is a mosaic of fen and gorse scrub with some willow and rowan and one or two muddy pools. This area adjoins pasture and is used as rough grazing for cattle. Former pools are occupied by abundant bottle sedge. Another fen vegetation-type occupies a small area on the northern margins of the sub-site, which has been heavily poached by cattle. Although small, this stand is very species-rich with an interesting collection of plants. 

Notable species include Dioecious sedge, common butterwort, and the mosses scorpidium scorpioides and lesser clubmoss.

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