Binevenagh SAC

Protected area type: Special Areas of Conservation
Feature type: 
  • Habitat
  • Londonderry
Council: Causeway Coast and Glens
Guidance and literature: Binevenagh SAC

Binevenagh SAC has been designated because of its geological and geomorphological features. These have, in part, resulted in its special cliff vegetation, herb-rich grasslands, rare plants, bryophytes and fungi.

The Binevenagh cliffs show well-exposed Tertiary age basalts overlying Cretaceous Chalk. These sequences provide evidence of the age the Antrim basalts in this area and make an important contribution to the understanding of the development of the Antrim Lava series as a whole. Extensive slipped masses of basalt of late and post glacial age give the area its distinctive appearance.

The cliffs have a unique assemblage of plants. Alpine species are frequent such as Mountain Avens, Moss Campion and Purple Saxifrage. Plants more typical of coastal locations are also common including Thrift and Sea Campion. Along the base of the cliff and on some of the slumped basalts, grassland rich in herbs and sedges has developed. Fine-leaved grasses and sedges dominate, with herbs such as Wild Thyme, Eyebright, Lady’s Bedstraw and Harebell.

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