Craigs ASSI

Protected area type: Areas of Special Scientific Interest
Feature type: 
  • Habitat
  • Antrim
Council: Causeway Coast and Glens
Guidance and literature: Craigs ASSI

Craigs has been declared as an ASSI because of its species-rich wet grassland. Species-rich grassland tends to occur only where traditional farming practices have been maintained. Such species-rich grassland is now a rare habitat in Northern Ireland.

A special type of species-rich wet grassland known as Purple Moor-grass and rush pasture occurs over much of the site.  This results in the occurrence of species adapted to water movement and wetter conditions. Plants characteristic of this community include Sharp-flowered Rush, Autumn Hawkbit, Devil’s-bit Scabious and Carnation Sedge and the mosses Glittering Wood-moss and Neat Feather-moss.  In addition to the grassland itself, Craigs is also an important site for Lesser Butterfly-orchid, a declining species in Northern Ireland.

Species typical of wetter conditions are found alongside the rush pasture vegetation in these areas.  Plants associated with this area include Common Butterwort, Marsh Hawk’s-beard, Marsh Arrowgrass and Bogbean.

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