Teal Lough Part 2 ASSI

Protected area type: Areas of Special Scientific Interest
Feature type: 
  • Habitat
  • Tyrone
Council: Mid-Ulster
Guidance and literature: Teal Lough Part 2 ASSI

The area is of special scientific interest because of its peatland physiography, flora and fauna. It is an extension to the Teal Lough Area of special Scientific Interest, and includes an area of blanket bog to the south and an oligotrophic lough to the north. These features are closely connected to the main site by their hydrology.

Physiographical interest lies in the active peat processes associated with both raised and blanket bog development, including the well-developed pool and hummock complex. In addition, the underlying fluvioglacial
sands and gravels are notable. Biological interest lies mainly in the
plant and animal communities and individual species that are associated with the blanket bog vegetation and the oligotrophic lough.

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