Authorised Veterinary Practice (AVP) Portal

Date published: 09 October 2023

Last updated: 17 July 2024

For Authorised Veterinary Practices (AVPs) who deliver certification of Export Health Certificates (EHCs) and Support Health Attestations (SHAs), a new online administrative tool is available: The AVP Portal.

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This Portal will allow your practice more direct access to the DECOL and SHA Online IT systems to deliver certification services and will facilitate the processing and management of EHCs and SHAs issued by your practice. Below is a comparision of the current certification delivery model for veterinary practices and the improvements and benefits that the portal will bring when it is introduced.

Features of Current Process Benefits of AVP Portal
Veterinary Practices have to develop their own workload management structure to process EHC and SHA applications. Portal will provide one location for all applications made to your practice allowing you to manage your certification workload in the one location, seeing at a glance, which applications are pending, outstanding and which have been completed.
Veterinary Practices have to make visits to DAERA Direct Offices to collect paperwork for applications or arrange for paperwork to be couriered to them from DAERA. Certificates will be sent to you digitally via secure messaging direct to your portal inbox, saving you time and un-necessary travel. Furthermore, it will negate the potential for paperwork to become lost in the post. The digitalisation of this process also means that your office will have less hard copy paperwork.
Many export health certificates require Disease Clearance support certification to be issued by DAERA. This can require time-consuming email and phone traffic. DAERA will provide the necessary Disease Clearance support certificate to the practice directly within the portal. The digitalisation of this process also means that your office will have less hard copy paperwork.
Veterinary Practices are required to send DAERA a scanned copy of the certified document via email. Practices will be able to upload scanned copies to their portal for the attention of DAERA, negating the need to use non-secure email.
Exporters have to complete and upload an AVP Nomination Form to identify their chosen practice. Exporters will simply select their chosen practice from a drop-down menu when making their application on the website.

See below for user guides explaining how to access and use the AVP Portal.  

You can keep up to date with improvements to the service by visiting the bulletin page, where details are published. It is recommended that you review this page regularly.

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