DAERA Innovation Strategy launched

Date published: 22 April 2021

DAERA have launched the DAERA Innovation Strategy 2021-2025

The DAERA Innovation Strategy is an operational strategy of the DAERA Science Strategy Framework. It focuses on two aspects

  1. The establishment of an enabling environment within DAERA to support innovation and the implementation of innovation actions within the Department and
  2. The development of an enabling external environment to encourage and support the implementation of innovation actions across the sectors DAERA serves.

The Innovation Strategy outlines a Mission for DAERA, defines high level principles to be adopted and describes the desired end-state goals to be achieved in terms of providing leadership, understanding needs, optimising investment in resources and having effective governance. It also defines milestones to reach the goals including providing senior and dedicated resource for innovation, developing effective stakeholder engagement mechanisms, establishing Task Forces to explore innovation opportunities and proposals for exploitation, development of capacity and capability and addressing barriers to innovation.

The DAERA Farm Business and Other Supported Businesses / Organisations Innovation Survey Report was published in November 2022 to support strategy implementation.

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