List of Northern Ireland priority species 2010

Date published: 30 March 2010

Last updated: 31 January 2023

Northern Ireland priority species list produced by the Northern Ireland Environment Agency.

The Northern Ireland Priority Species List is currently under review. All available data is collated and analysed using an agreed set criteria to shortlist species for consideration. Panels of notable experts and authorities are then being consulted for each taxonomic group to establish local, national and international trends, available data and deficiencies, Northern Ireland population strongholds and `endemic’ species and apply expert knowledge. Priority species are then selected that require conservation action as a priority due to the degree of their decline, rarity and importance in an all-Ireland and UK context.
Due to the complex nature of available data, species group expertise and published works of evidence, each species group is being scrutinised individually to assess declines, risks and threats. This has resulted in a staged review, with the first tranche being published 27 February 2023.
Click here to view the new list, which will come into force 27 February 2023.
Nomenclature used follows UK Species Inventory classification, Taxon Version Keys can be universally applied to dictionaries in the National Biodiversity Network such as the NBN Atlas, iRecord, iSpot and national recording schemes.

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