List of pests and diseases for which NI has PZ status

Date published: 20 December 2019

Last updated: 10 January 2020

An area within the EU can be recognized as a protected zone (PZ) for a specific quarantine pest by the European Commission if the pest is present in a part of the EU territory but not in others. When an area has protected zone status additional restrictions are in place to prevent the establishment of the quarantine pest in question. Usually this means the addition of a PZ code specific to the pest onto the plant passport, which certifies that the requirements of the additional restrictions have been fulfilled. Relevant host plants are not allowed to enter any PZ without this code. Under the new Regulation, the old coding system is replaced with either the EPPO code for the pest in question, or the full scientific name of the pest. Northern Ireland has PZ status for 24 different pests, including several that GB does not have a PZ for.

The list of Pests and Diseases of which Northern Ireland has PZ status for is attached.

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