Management of Special Areas of Conservation Stakeholder Meetings and Information

Date published: 22 October 2019

Last updated: 21 October 2021

A vital component of the development and implementation of the Conservation Management Plans is the full engagement of the key stakeholders throughout the process. Consensus will generally be required if conservation measures are to be successfully implemented. Resolving conflicting priorities of sites should be expected and considered essential.


Except where the nature conservation body owns or directly manages a site, the conservation plan will not dictate management actions. The plans will provide advice and suggest the types of management seen as appropriate to the site/features based on the conservation objectives (CO) and conservation priorities for the site. Discussion and negotiation with owners/occupiers/stakeholders will establish an agreed way forward in delivering these required measures.

We will be holding stakeholder engagement events as part of the development of each Conservation Management Plan in the locality of the designated site, we strongly encourage everyone with an interest in any of the designated sites to attend an event.  We would very much welcome you to come and share your much valued knowledge of the site and your views regarding its future management.  To find out more information about stakeholder events in your area or to register your interest please send your details to the following address:

Click here to view the Owenkillew Webinar,
Password: Owenkillew2021

Click here to view the Faughan Webinar,
Password: Faughan2021

Click here to view the River Roe and Tributaries Webinar,
Password: RoeandTribs2021

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