NIEA Water Framework Directive Catchment Conference 2019

Date published: 08 November 2019

Last updated: 03 December 2019

NIEA hosted a conference for Stakeholders on the Water Framework Directive at CAFRE Greenmount Campus in Antrim on Wednesday 23 October 2019.


The main focus of the day was on water quality and collaborative working and, to capture the large volume of issues, the day centred on three key themes.  The first session concentrated on Government updates of ongoing work within our freshwater and marine environments.  NIW also gave an update on their future spending plans throughout Northern Ireland.

A second session focussed on partner-lead projects.  Topics were wide ranging and covered our undervalued groundwater resources, nutrient management on farms and European funded cross border initiatives. 

The final session highlighted emerging issues facing our global and local water quality.   These concerns included antimicrobial resistance and pollution from plastics.  This session also championed some of the local projects designed to help tackle such pollution. 

For water-related queries, please refer to the contact list for water issues below.

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