Review of Marine Turtles in Northern Ireland (2007), Gabriel King

Date published: 12 May 2021

A survey of marine turtles in Northern Irish waters was carried out between

April and August 2006. Over this five-month period every port, harbour, jetty and marina on the Northern Irish coast from Carlingford Lough, Co. Down to Lough Foyle, Co Derry was visited.

During this study 65 new turtle records (including 2 dead strandings) of at least two species (one stranded turtle reported as almost certainly a loggerhead) were recorded of which 24 (37%) were from Northern Ireland, 19 (29%) from the Republic of Ireland and 22 (34%) from Scotland, Wales and England (including the Isle of Man and the Scilly Isles). Most records were obtained from fishers, both retired and active.


The report was originally undertaken by Gabriel King on behalf of the Department (at that time of original publication, the Environment and Heritage Service).

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