The Timber Customer Charter covers policy areas within Forest Service, such as status, functions, certification, sales, production and consultation.


The Forestry Act (Northern Ireland) 2010 recognises the integrated nature of modern forestry and our strategic vision of forest
expansion and sustainable forestry. Our General Duty under the Act covers economic, environmental and social and recreational
functions, and a duty to maximise the value of the forest estate in creative uses other than forestry.
A key objective of the forestry strategy is to maintain the supply of timber and other forest products, for use by the timber
processing sector, which assists economic development and maintains rural employment whilst providing environmental benefits
and public access, in support of wider government objectives set by the Executive.
The values we hold as an organisation are important in ensuring that at all times we aim for the highest standards of
professionalism, both in our operational work and our service to customers. This charter describes what we do and contains
details of the standards of customer service that you can expect from us.

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