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Summary report on the economic environment of Northern Ireland

Published 12 April 2007Consultation reports

The purpose of this report is to inform central government, district councils, the general public and any other interested parties as to the number and nature of noise complaints received each year by district councils across Northern Ireland.

Published 01 April 2007Statistical reports

Commission Regulation (EC) No 498/2007 of 26 March 2007 laying down detailed rules for the implementation of Council Regulation (EC) NO 1198/2006 on the European Fisheries Fund


Published 26 March 2007Legislation and regulations

Analysis of Business Sectors Producing, Marketing or Using Chemicals in Northern Ireland

Published 14 March 2007Consultation reports

The main text of this strategy focuses on a baseline analysis of the current situation in Northern Ireland.

Published 07 March 2007Policy papers

Article 8 of the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) (WFD) requires the establishment of a groundwater monitoring programme by December 2006 with the aim of helping determine and measure, over time, the quantitative and qualitative status of groundwater bodies across Northe

Published 01 February 2007Guidance literature

This statement provides guidance on how the Gangmasters Licensing Authority's (GLA) licensing scheme affects the forestry industry.

Published 15 January 2007Policy papers

As part of our commitment to tackling poverty and social exclusion this document was produced by the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister in conjunction with all other Northern Ireland Government Departments.

Published 12 January 2007Policy papers

The Gender Equality Strategy provides an overarching strategic policy framework within which departments, their agencies and other relevant statutory authorities will channel their existing actions and initiate new actions to achieve an agreed vision, guided by a set of princi

Published 19 December 2006Policy papers

This document provides photographic images of mild, moderate and severe clinical signs of the effects of Bluetongue on sheep, provided by the Institute of Animal Health.

Published 18 December 2006Guidance literature

Laying down detailed rules for the application of Council Regulation (EC) No 1698/2005 on support for rural development by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD)

Published 15 December 2006Guidance literature

Compliance Policy and General Guidance for Protection of Areas of Special Scientific Interest (ASSIs)

Published 13 December 2006Policy papers

2007-2010 Nitrates Action Programme and Phosphorus Regulations - summary document, guidance booklet and workbook (to calculate livestock manure nitrogen and manure storage).

Published 08 December 2006Guidance literature

Guidance documents when applying for a licence to keep a dangerous wild animal(s)

Published 20 November 2006Guidance literature

In April 2006 the BearingPoint/ADAS team was appointed to undertake the ex ante evaluation of the Northern Ireland Rural Development Programme 2007 - 2013 and its accompanying Strategic Environmental Assessment

Published 30 September 2006Independent reports

Split into 3 sections, this publication provides background information on human rights, sets out the Articles of the European Convention on Human Rights (and its Protocols) which have been made part of our law by the Human Rights Act and contains a series of support

Published 19 September 2006Guidance literature

This HSE leaflet provides general advice for farmers who want to improve their cattle handling system to make it safer and more efficient.

Published 15 September 2006Guidance literature

Information and guidance in lreation to planting trees close to overhead electricity lines.

Published 07 September 2006Guidance literature

Guide for applicants - pig and poultry rearing units

Published 30 August 2006Guidance literature

Standard farming installation - Rules and Guidance (poultry production)

Published 29 August 2006Guidance literature

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