Use this application form if you want to spread any of the wastes listed in Table 4, Schedule 2, Part I of The Waste Management Licensing Regulation (Northern Ireland) 2003 (as amended) for the purpose of reclamation, restoration or improvement of land under an exemption from waste management licensing

Before you start

  • There is a £725.00 fee
  • You will need a credit card or debit card to pay. A BACS transfer option is also available and a copy of the Departments bank details can be made available on request

You'll need to provide copies of the following:

  • Proof of occupancy / entitlement
  • Site location plan or map
  • Pollution risk assessment
  • Evidence demonstrating the purpose of spreading activity
  • Spreading schedule
  • Topographical survey and cross sections
  • Planning permission (including stamped drawings)/confirmation from council
  • Soil analysis (optional)
  • Waste analysis (optional)
  • Certificate of benefit (optional)
  • Pollution risk assessment
  • Spreading locations
  • Landowner consent form

You may also need to provide consents of the following:

  • Occupant
  • Partnership

 You will be prompted to login / register with the DAERA Central Authentication Service.


Additional information

For further information on Paragraph 11, please click on the link below




The reclamation, restoration or improvement of land

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