Other waste exemptions

We are currently in the process of putting all of our exemptions online. This work is ongoing so please use the links below to apply for other types of exemptions.

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Paragraph Description
9 Land treatment for agricultural benefit or ecological improvement
10a The spreading, or storage and spreading of sludge on land which is not land used for agriculture
10b The storage of sludge
11 The reclamation, restoration or improvement of land
13 The composting and storage of biodegradable waste
14 The manufacture of products from waste, the treatment of waste soil or rock which is to be spread on land under paragraph 9 or 11, and the storage of waste which is to be submitted to the preceding activities
15 The manufacture of finished goods from waste metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, rubber, textiles, wood, paper or cardboard, and the storage of those wastes
19 The use and/or storage of waste for the purpose of construction, maintenance or improvement of relevant work
27 The baling, compacting, crushing, shredding or pulverising of waste at the place of production
32 The burial on premises of sanitary waste arising from the use on those premises of a sanitary convenience which is equipped with a removable receptacle
33 The keeping or deposit of waste arising from peatworking
35 The deposit of borehole or excavated waste
37 The burial of a dead domestic pet in the garden of a domestic property where the pet lived
38 The storage or deposit of waste samples to be tested or analysed
39 The storage of waste medicines at a pharmacy or storage of waste at the premises of a medical, nursing or veterinary practice
41 The temporary storage of waste, including WEEE, pending its collection, at the place where it is produced
42 The waste management transitional arrangements for the treatment, keeping or disposal at any premises, of scrap metal or waste motor vehicles, which are to be dismantled pending the issue of a licence
43 The waste management transitional arrangements to cover (up to 19 December 2004) the treatment, keeping or disposal of waste
45 The recovery of scrap metal or the dismantling of depolluted end-of-life vehicles
49 The repair, refurbishment, and storage of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)
50 The secure storage of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)
51 The crushing of waste gas discharge lamps
52 The secure storage of waste batteries and accumulators


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