TreeCheck is an online platform for the reporting of potential pest or disease damage to plants and trees in the wider environment. TreeCheck is for use by both professionals and members of the public.

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TreeCheck is a joint venture between DAERA Forest Service Plant Health and the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine. TreeCheck is for use by professionals, citizen scientists and concerned members of the public.

TreeCheck should be used when a suspect pest or disease is observed in the environment; for example, forests, roadside planting, private gardens, city or park planting. Please ensure if you are accessing private land that you have sought the land owner’s permission first.

When using tree check, please pay attention to the populated location of the tree check report which will be obtained from your devices location settings. If you have made a mistake, the address will automatically be populated as 18-21 Kildare Street Dublin. If this is the case, your TreeCheck will not be received.

When taking a picture to submit with your TreeCheck please try and include a familiar item to illustrate scale, for example ipod, another phone or pen.

TreeCheck Illustrations Guide

The TreeCheck Illustraions Guide is a document containing a simple walk through guide of instructions to aid with the submission of a TreeCheck report. The guide contains illustrations of the actual webpage as an aid.

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