Citrus Longhorn beetle

The Citrus Longhorn beetle (Anoplophora chinensis), and it’s close relation the Asian Longhorn beetle (Anoplophora glabripennis,) come from South East Asia, and have recently been found in mainland UK.

What do they do?

They attack a wide range of broadleaved trees, and if they became established in Northern Ireland they would be a significant threat to our horticultural industry, and to trees and shrubs in parks, gardens and the countryside.

The larvae are hard to detect as they feed by tunnelling inside woody trunks and branches, finally emerging as the distinctive, long-horned adult beetle through a round bore hole in the bark. For more information, and what to look out for, please click on the link below

Have you seen this pest, or spotted the tell-tale ‘bore hole’ damage in trees or shrubs? If you spot a Citrus Longhorn beetle, or evidence of infestation, please contact DAERA Plant Health Inspection Branch by phoning 0300 200 7847, or email

Citrus Longhorn beetle
Citrus Longhorn beetle

Citrus Longhorn Beetle, Photo courtesy of Art Wagner, USDA-Aphis and

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