Contingency planning for Epizootic Diseases

Epizootic Disease has the potential for very serious and rapid spread. Epizootic Diseases cause serious economic or public health consequences and are of major importance in the international trade of animals and animal products.

Control and eradication of epizootic disease in Northern Ireland 

The aim of the current contingency planning process is to prepare a comprehensive response encompassing all aspects of resource and planning, necessary for the control and eradication of epizootic disease in Northern Ireland.

The current Generic Contingency Plan summarises DAERA's objectives for controlling, eradicating and recovering from an outbreak of epizootic disease.

Each country in the UK produces their own Contingency Plan that sets out the structures and systems used to coordinate an effective response within its own jurisdiction. However, cooperation and coordination between administrations is crucial to effective and early disease control and to enable disease free status to be recovered without delay. The UK Contingency Plan for exotic notifiable diseases of animals - GOV.UK ( provides a UK wide overview of how we work together and complements the individual country plans.

More useful links

In the event of an outbreak the above link will contain answers to frequently asked questions for each specific disease and include information on imports and exports of animal livestock and products.

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